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The Perfect Business!

When Timing and Opportunity Meet, Anything is Possible!

NewAge is the perfect vehicle to change the direction of your life. They've already created over 57 millionaires and they're just getting started!

Dr. Fred Cooper and his partners were tired of seeing time after time top leaders getting terminated from their companies for no good reasons or the compensation plan changed to benefit the company. He realized the industry needed to be disrupted and we are the company doing that.

You can also call/text Rick Billings directly at 407-733-3502

I personally know all the executive that started our company July 4, 2011.

Myself and Dr. Fred Cooper, Founder of ARIIX

Myself and Mark Wilson, Founder of ARIIX

Myself and Deanna Latson, Founder of ARIIX

Myself and Dr. Ray Strand, Medical Director

Company Facts:

— 7 Owners and Operators Started ARIIX, July 2011
— We recently changed our name to PartnerCo 
— Brand Partner "Bill of Rights"

— Brand Partner "Founders Club"
— A Unique Brand Strategy
— 3 Patents on NewAge's Compensation Plan
— Shipping into 60+ Countries

— 4 Lifestyle Perks / Reward Programs

Getting Started:

Here's the bottom line. Become a Brand Partner for $29.95 (US) which gives you access to the PartnerCo back office.

The Brand Partner Media Kit helps you increase your followers, ramp up engagements and earn as a PartnerCo Brand Partner. With the kit, gain access to PartnerCo Share™, your personalized online store plus an ever-growing library of award-winning marketing assets to share with potential customers.

Then within the next 4-weeks activate your new business with a minimum of 200 points worth of products. Then set-up a 100 point subscription every 28-days to maintain your business and start earning commission. 

Remember, you own a business now and get over 300 tax write-offs. The average W-2 employee will save over $5,000 on their taxes in North America.

You'll earn up to 30% retail profit, points from your efforts and the efforts of your team which includes everyone below you for infinity.

I developed one of the best proven Network Marketing training platforms which will giving you and the people you sponsor the best chance for success.

Ready to get started immediately? Here's how to skip the line:

I receive several inquiries each week, and I can talk with you on our scheduled call.

BUT...If you're like me, and want to skip the line so others go below you and you know that this is something that MUST happen, then click the link below and you can join my team NOW! Pay the $29.95 to join, then immediately email me at and we'll set a time to talk. This will give you a chance to skip the STACK of inquiries ahead of you (because you're taking immediate action that tells me a lot about you).

So, you have a chance to join my downline RIGHT NOW...Oh, and did I tell you, our company has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you change your mind before using any of the products, they will refund your money. 

Please understand, we are not a normal MLM—our company will continue to disrupt the Network Marketing Industry for years to come.

There is NO cap on how much generational residual income you can earn with our company!

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