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The Traditional Way of Creating Wealth is Dead! Residual Income is the Fastest Way to Create Financial Freedom!

7 Reasons Why 200,000 People Per Week Are Discovering That EVERYTHING They REALLY WANT in Life Can be Obtained by Having a NEW Generation Home-Based Business.

What the Wealthy are Saying…

Five years ago, in the first edition of The Wellness Revolution, economist Paul Zane Pilzer outlined an emerging $200 billion industry he called “wellness.” Today, that industry has grown to $500 billion, and it’s just getting started, offering even greater entrepreneurial opportunities. The direct selling industry will produce 10 million new money millionaires between 2006 and 2016.

Warren Buffet recently purchased his third direct selling company “The best investment I have ever made.”

Robert T. Kiyosaki recently stated, “If I had to do it all over again, rather than build an old-style type business I would have started building a network marketing type business”.

According to David Bach, The #1 Best Selling Author, one out of every two people in North America has purchased a product or service from someone in direct sales.

What is a Plan “B” Strategy?

A Plan “B” Strategy is the alternative or secondary method that someone may use to earn income without quitting their primary job or career.

Many people invest in real estate, stocks, or franchises to try and achieve this secondary income. Over the last few years, the NEW Generation home-based business model has become a massively rewarding and accepted addition to this group.

These could all be considered Plan “B” Strategies, however, only the NEW Generation home-based business model offers the potential for such a large residual return on a person’s time for virtually no risk.

Don’t be fooled by the term “home-based business”. Even though these businesses are typically built
from home, this is an industry where many individuals generate five and six figures a month.

“Half of all businesses in the U.S. are home-based businesses”. ~U.S. Census Bureau The Direct Selling industry will do over 210 billion dollars this year.

7 Reasons Why you Should Take a Serious Look at a NEW Generation Home-based Business


”Time is the only commodity you are born with”.

Many people want MORE TIME in their life today than they do more money. This is especially true for busy professionals.

So many of us have been chasing after a dream that has become an illusion. The typical job, business, or corporate ladder does NOT provide the time freedom you are ultimately pursuing. In fact, the more successful you are in traditional business, the less time you have.

With the development of the new generation home-based business model and using the automation and communication benefits of the Internet, you can have a business that gives you MORE time.

Plus, with a new generation of home-based businesses, your commute is less time than it takes you to walk out to your garage. You can work your business around your schedule, instead of the other way around.

That is the ultimate definition of a new generation home-based business. A business you can build while living your life on a day-to-day basis.

Think about it. You and your family’s lifestyles are unique. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to build a business of your own without disrupting most of your day-to-day activities? OR, if you did disrupt them, it would be because you were making a choice to invest your time in your future instead of spending your time working for someone else.

“Build Equity in Yourself, Rather Than Someone Else.”


Unless you have a financial vehicle that lets you increase your income on-demand, you are just an
indentured servant, no matter how fancy your title or how many degrees you have.

Could you earn an extra $1,000-$2,000 a month this month if you wanted to? What if you wanted to
increase your income to $5,000 a month within the next 90 or even $10,000 a month in 180 days or 2
years for that matter. Could you do it right where you are?

Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Do you have bills or debt you can’t pay off right now?
  2. Could you support yourself indefinitely if for some reason you lost your job, or you were not
    able to perform your job-related activities?
  3. If you own a business already, will that business pay you if you decide to be gone for a year,
    six months, three months, or even one month?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, you are not in control of your financial future. If you are
a business owner and you answered no then your business is not paying you to own it. It is paying you to work there – it owns you.

A New Generation of home-based businesses can give you the financial vehicle to break free of those
chains. It allows you to start part-time, work within your schedule and work when you want to.

Your income is solely determined by your desire and effort.

But financial freedom is not only about having money.

You may already make a lot of money. If so, you are possibly mired down with employees,
regulations, corporate politics, and glass ceilings.

Have you sacrificed the quality things in life trying to achieve something that was not there when
you arrived? It does not matter how much money you make if you have to give up YOUR LIFE just
to get it.

A New Generation home-based business can give you TRUE Financial Freedom.


The word everyone is using today is Leverage. Keep in mind you cannot leverage what you do not own. Most investors understand leverage. You use a little bit of money to do the work of a lot of money.

With today’s NEW Generation home-based business, it’s all about leverage.

Typically, there are only two things any of us can leverage; Money or Time. If we have money, then we put that money to work to make more money. If we do not have Money to leverage, then we must leverage our time in order to produce a greater return in the future.

However, in today’s world, there seems to be one more growing area we are able to leverage and that is Technology.

Leveraging technology to maximize your efforts is a form of time leveraging. However, due to the
advancements in technology in recent years, it is starting to stand on its own as a commodity. The
automation and communication efficiencies you can build into the NEW Generation style of a home-based business are incredible. You can literally have a business model that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, worldwide.

In the NEW Generation style home-based business, you are leveraging your efforts (Time) through strategic relationships to create unlimited monthly residual income. We call this referral marketing or interactive distribution.

Referral Marketing or word-of-mouth marketing is nothing new. Many companies have built huge customer bases by paying people to refer other customers. Some of the most effective companies invest massive amounts of money (which would typically go to large advertising campaigns, into their referral marketing campaigns). This is where the Internet has really changed businesses in the last few years. In order to effectively compete, all kinds of businesses are paying substantial referral fees to generate customers and build distribution networks.

These referral fees are not one-time only. Many are monthly and increase significantly the more people are referred. These referral fees can range from a couple of hundred dollars to TENS of THOUSANDS or even HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS a month.

Because of the automation and communication advantages of the Internet, you can do this more efficiently by creating a secondary stream of income for you and your family that for many people has become larger than their primary source of income.

Once you learn how to apply the principle of leverage to your NEW Generation home-based business, your only regret will be that someone didn’t show you how to do this sooner.


A quality lifestyle is about living where you want to live and having the money or the time to do the things you really enjoy when you want to do them.

Do you have that now?

Most people don’t have a quality of life even if they make a lot of money. Or if they have a great deal of time to live a quality life, they don’t have the money to do anything. This is the catch-22 most all people live with.

We have to deal with these scenarios in our life not because we want to, but often times no one has given us the vehicle to achieve anything different or a map to show us how.

A person who is stuck in the so-called rat race has a hard time finding a way to get out. The only way you will find out what to do is to follow a strategy that is already working for people and work with someone who has NOT ONLY achieved what you want but has already helped others achieve what they want?

What if you found a business, with UNLIMITED INCOME potential – one that could generate a monthly residual income that would be the equivalent of having a million dollars or more in the bank?

A Strategy that would let you create a QUALITY LIFESTYLE, instead of just a living? Would you take advantage of it? Would you take the time to find out more?

That is what the NEW Generation home-based business model is all about.


The new global economy has created many NEW opportunities.

The question you should be asking is How Can This Benefit Me?

You can now work at home with today’s low-cost technology (internet, computer, cell phone, etc.) that gives you all the capabilities of a large corporation.

Product distribution is changing, and companies are being FORCED to use the Internet more and more in order to effectively compete. Companies are shipping their products directly to consumers.

NEW Generation home-based businesses that use the Internet are able to more effectively capitalize on the number one most powerful form of marketing and communication available today, referral marketing or word-of-mouth.

The Internet is completely changing how people are doing business. It allows you to approach all types of customers anywhere in the world from any location, creating and maintaining a GLOBAL market while making VERY good money doing it.


A home-based business is one of the last true tax havens for the average person. There are a number of ways you can get legitimate tax write-offs just by having a home-based business.

The US government realizes the heartbeat of our economy is based on the pursuit of personal and financial advancement. The US tax code has been established to benefit those individuals who want to pursue being in business for themselves. These are not tax gimmicks – rather they are rewards for those who are willing to become business owners.

If you work for someone else and you receive a W2 and with every paycheck, you elect to have taxes withheld from your pay, and with most people, an excess is withheld which yields you a tax refund of your own money.

The minute you start your own business your income taxes are based on your net (after expenses) income.

Most people are not aware that by having a home-based business they are entitled to many substantial tax deductions that could make a significant difference in their lifestyle without increasing their overall income.

Not only can a home-based business provide a part-time income, a full-time income, or create financial independence, you will receive many tax benefits that can substantially increase your bottom-line net income.

One expert on taxes is Ron Mueller, MBA, Ph.D. You can visit his website at to learn more.


Finally, everywhere I look I see people longing to be able to reconnect with their passion.

Just about everyone I talk to at one time in their life had something they wanted to do, something they felt purposed to accomplish.

Life has a tendency to force us to suppress many of our passions. We often find ourselves working to live instead of living for work.

You can never add years to your life, but you can add life to your years.

By identifying your number one reason for building a NEW Generation home-based business you will be able to invest your hope in the proper place and reconnect with your passion.

Linear Income vs. Residual Income

The Difference Between Linear Income and Residual Income

More than 90% of people around the world are accustomed to the source of income known as Linear Income: trading time for money. For that reason, most people are not financially independent. Linear Income, also known as work income, means you receive a paycheck based on how much work you do. You need to put in a certain number of hours every week. When you stop working, your income stops. Linear Income requires continued work.

Residual Income is different. It is the most powerful and profitable source of income. Residual Income is the income of the rich. It is a source of income that keeps coming in on a regular basis, from work you do once – meaning even when you are not working. Residual Income is not about “get rich quick” – the principle is very much misunderstood by many people. It requires effort, and determination, especially in the beginning… and sometimes for the magic to start working.

The Mathematics of Linear Income

There is nothing wrong with having a Linear Income. It is considered to be an honorable form of earning a living. Some people can earn good money. Hourly wages can run from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars an hour. However, Linear Income is limited to the number of hours worked and only provides an income when you work. In other words, when you stop work, it stops.

Linear Income wages for most people in the West are being driven down as companies in Europe and North America keep wages low to compete with economies like China and India.

Furthermore, fat-cat managers are increasingly chosen to award themselves increasingly large salaries while slashing those of people lower down the ladder. (According to Business Week, in 1980, executives earned 42 times as much as the average American worker. By 2000, however, American CEOs were earning 531 times the average worker’s salary.) So while Linear Income may be the manner in which most people earn their pay cheques, it is also the main reason so many of us will not be able to afford to retire until we are at least seventy.

According to a recent American survey, the retirement incomes of workers in every age group will fall far below their expectations. Workplace Pulse estimated workers who are 60 and plan to retire at 65 would need US $453,324 in total savings, including Social Security, to receive an annual retirement income of $26,256. A worker who is now 30 would need $1,545,972 at age 65 to meet the same expectations.

The report said 30-year-old workers would need to save $2,823 each month to achieve the same retirement income of $28,256. At the same time, a 60-year-old worker with $160,000 already saved would need to put away an additional $2,525 a month to retire at 65 on a $28,256 yearly income. But the survey found the average worker aged 45 to 64 is saving only $2,129 a year!

The Only Solution for Most People

More and more people are turning to something called time leveraging to create long-term Residual Income. With time leveraging, there is no hourly limit placed on your worth and money continues to come to you whether you work or not. The difference between Linear Income and Residual Income is that with Residual Income, your productive time is leveraged.

That is, your time spent at work becomes increasingly worth more and more. Unlike fixed-salary employment, leveraged income has no upper limit.

Of the over 6,000,000 millionaires in the USA today, 20% who have reached affluence in the past two years have done so by leveraging their time… and they did it using something called referral marketing. It is no wonder that the likes of Anthony Robbins, Donald Trump, and Robert Kiyosaki are passionate advocates of referral marketing and developing residual income streams. As the latter says: “The richest people in the world build networks, everyone else looks for work.”

Most common sources of Residual Income:

  • Inventors, authors, songwriters, and visual artists get royalties from their creations.
  • You earn interest on your savings account or certificate of deposit at your bank. That’s as long as you
    keep the money in the bank. At a 2% annual percentage yield, you need to have $600,000 in your savings account to earn $1,000 per month.
  • Real estate is a proven way to earn a good income, but it requires special expertise and a great deal of money nowadays. You need to be a real estate owner to earn Residual Income through rent. It requires continuous work to generate income.
  • Investing in stocks, bonds, venture capital, and mutual funds can be profitable, but again, they require
    specific knowledge and substantial capital to create enough income to live on.
  • Residual Income business opportunities. Your earning potential is unlimited. It is the best retirement
    insurance – and the only method for most people.

Referral, or network, marketing is not a business but a way of doing business. Instead of paying astronomical sums to advertising agencies to market a product or service, an ever-increasing number of companies prefer to pay consumers to spread the word.

Referring is nothing more than doing what already comes naturally… it’s people sharing with people. When you tell a friend about a great movie you have watched you are engaging in a form of referral marketing, even though you didn’t know about it and didn’t get paid for it. Referral marketing is about sharing information and making each other’s lives better.

Income is generated when referred customers purchase products or services. The income grows exponentially when the people we refer, refer others, who refer others, etc., etc. In other words, as the number of referred people increases (either by us or by those we referred), so does our income.

What makes this all the more exciting is the snowball effect. That’s the inherent power of time leveraging built into referral marketing. Success does not depend on personally referring large numbers of people, but rather on referring and teaching referral marketing principles to only a small number of people who then go on to do the work for you… an easy and enjoyable task for almost anyone.

To better understand how time leveraging works in referral marketing, consider this: what would you rather have one million dollars or a penny that doubles every day for a month? If you chose the penny, you would have $5,368,709.12 in 30 days! Herein lies the power of leveraging time when coupled with referral marketing. This is why referral marketing, when coupled with a dynamic company, is rapidly becoming the business of choice for so many people around the world.

Quickest Way to Retirement

Network Marketing is one of the fastest ways to a quick retirement. This is important, especially if you’re over 50 or you have been downsized in today’s economy. I work with a company where if the average person spends 5 hours per week promoting their network marketing business, in 3 years and 3 months they will surpass their current income. The image below shows the yellow line representing your JOB and the red line is your network marketing business.

Just think how exciting your life will be when you cross the 3-year 3-month mark. Yes, some people get to this mark quicker and some take a little longer and it’s sad to say that some people will never get there.

residual income

One of the richest men in the world, J. Paul Getty said, “I would rather
have 1% of the efforts of 100 people than 100% of my own efforts”.

Are You Secure in Your Retirement?

Do you know how much you need in the bank to receive the amount of interest you would like to have at retirement? The following chart shows the percentage of interest being paid by the financial institutions and the amount of money you need to invest to generate the monthly amount that meets your needs. Find the amount you would like to have, and then the current interest rate being paid by today’s financial institutions and see how much you need to save for retirement.

residual income

Just earning a residual income of $2,000 per month is equivalent to having $1,200,000 in the bank earning 2% interest! Many people achieve this within their first four to five months in our business. We know if you’ll learn our business that you could be financially independent in 1-3 years at better than $100,000+ per year. I personally don’t know any job that can give you this opportunity…only a new generation home-based business.


Ask yourself these questions.

Is my profession, occupation, company, or business taking me where I want to go in life?

Do I have the ability to earn an additional $5,000 to $10,000 per month income in my existing
career or job?

If I couldn’t perform my day-to-day work-related activities, would I still earn money from my
current profession?

Does my current job give me an opportunity to create residual income for the rest of my life?
If you currently answered NO to the above question, I would love to show you how you can
answer YES to them. Is there really any reason why you shouldn’t take a serious look at getting
involved in a NEW Generation home-based business?

Whatever you are thinking:
• No Money
• No Time
• No Ability
• No Interest

Those are exactly the same reasons you should be looking at a NEW Generation home-based
business and start to work on Your Plan “B” Strategy. Please give me a call today so I can answer any questions that you may have and share the vehicle that I am using to create massive success in my New Generation home-based business.

In conclusion, Network Marketing is a legitimate business opportunity that provides people with a Plan B to take control of their own lives.

At the end of the day…The Greatest Gift in Life is Helping Others!
This may or may not be for you, and if it’s not…PLEASE PASS IT ON

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